Deadlines are noted in your grant agreement and at the bottom of this page in the table.

For Healthy for Life 2018 grants and Jewish Community Core and Program 2018 grants only:

A completed progress report, whether interim or final, should be no more than one page, on your organization’s letterhead, include the year of the grant for which you are submitting the report, and provide a brief “state of the program.” Feel free to use narrative, bullet points, or a format that best communicates your message.

If you are reporting on a program grant, don’t limit your information, but please make sure to include program level information on the following in the information you share:

  1. Number of clients served and how they compare to the previous year (for Jewish organizations, please include the number of Jewish clients served).
  2. Address any unexpected or unplanned occurrences or challenges you have experienced.
  3. Address your progress in meeting the goals as stated in your grant.
  4. Provide an update on where your program budget stands in relation to the one submitted with your grant. For interim reports this can also be narrative and we don’t need an actual budget report.  For final reports, please submit an organization budget income statement (budget/actual) for the current and prior fiscal years.  If you are reporting on a program grant please also submit a program budget income statement (budget/actual) for the prior fiscal year. We do not provide a form to complete; please pull these reports from your accounting software.  
  5. Please email your report to

For General Community Core 2018 grants and Older Adult Core and Program Grants only:

Progress Reports are completed in our online grant system and available for completion beginning 3-4 weeks before the deadline.  You will receive an email from the online grant system indicating a follow up form has been assigned and directions to log-in and complete.

The online grant system is found here.

Questions?  Please contact us here.

2018 Healthy for Life Grant2018 Interim Report: October 1, 20182018 Final Report: February 28, 2019
2018 Jewish Community Cycle2018 Interim Report: December 15, 20182018 Final Report: June 17, 2019
2018 General Community Core Grant2018 Interim Report: March 15, 20192018 Final Report: August 30, 2019
2018 Older Adult Cycle Grant2018 Interim Report: August 1, 20192018 Final Report: December 31, 2019
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