Please make sure you have read our grant information page.
Our Older Adult operating grants support core operating expenses for two categories of participants.
  1.  Organizations that exclusively or primarily serve older adults and provide programs and services promoting social and civic engagement of older adults.
  2. Organizations that do not specifically serve older adults, but have programming that is designed exclusively for older adults. For example: an organization with clients of all ages who offers specific transportation program only to older adults.

This core operating support is defined as expenses incurred for day-to-day operation.  Examples of Core Grant Support funding might include the following:

  • Audit expenses
  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Office Equipment
  • Technology and Training
  • Benefits and Insurance
Older Adult Grants – Maximum grant request $20,000
Applications will be available after June 1 and are due Thursday, August 15, 2019.   In order to apply, please visit our online software system.   After your registration you will receive an email confirmation with instructions on accessing the application.  Click HERE to see a registration tutorial before you start.

IMPORTANT:  If your organization has applied to our Foundation in the past, the you email account may already exist in our system.

If your email already does exist in our system, you will see this message when you register: ‘The Login you have entered (your email address) is already in use. If you have forgotten your password, cancel account creation and click the ‘Forgot your Password?’ link on the Logon page.

When you click the ‘Forgot your Password?’ link, a box will appear asking for the email to send password reset instructions. Follow the directions in the reset instructions email to create your new password. This email will also contain an access code that you must have in order to access the online Letter of Intent form.

Menorah Heritage Foundation places great emphasis on having a profile with the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation powered by Guidestar™. ONLY IF YOU DO NOT HAVE a Guidestar™ profile, you will need one of the following to complete your grant application:

Financial documentation as described in A-D below

A.  Menorah Heritage Foundation strongly prefers that applicants for grants in all cycles include in their submission (i) agency audited financials from the most recently completed fiscal year and (ii) the IRS form 990 from the most recently complete fiscal year.  Any agency with an operating budget of $1,000,000 or more must comply with this requirement.

B.  If an applicant agency does not obtain an audit, and has a total operating budget under $1,000,000, then the applicant must submit (i) the IRS form 990 from the most recently complete fiscal year and (ii) a compilation letter or compilation report of certified financial statements from a practicing C.P.A. that includes the professional’s representation that they have reviewed the income and expenses reported in the most recent 990 and those numbers appear reasonable.

C.  If an applicant agency does not obtain an audit, has a total operating budget under $1,000,000 and does not file an IRS Form 990 (due to exemption), then the applicant agency must submit a review of certified financial statements for the most recently completed fiscal year from a practicing C.P.A.

D.  If the application deadline is too close to the end of an agency’s fiscal year to reasonably produce the above requested documents (e.g. a January grant deadline for a calendar year agency), then please submit the documentation from the prior fiscal year and supplement as soon as the most recent year accounting is finalized.

Older Adult Special Initiative Grants

Older Adult Special Initiative Grants are limited to invited, collaborative proposals that convene Kansas City metro area stakeholders addressing important issues facing older adults who wish to age in community.  These issues include, but are not limited to, access to community based services (healthcare, housing, care management, transportation, etc.)  and social/civic engagement.  A meeting with Menorah Heritage Foundation is required.

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